URL parameters

Can someone help me please. I have a form on one page that is
functioning as a search form. After I get the results on the next page
I would like to be also able to read the search options selected which
are in the URL of the results page. What is need for me to be able to
do some conditional statements against them.

try <%= params[:id] %>

dosen't seem to work. this is the URL with the Paramaters that I am
wanting to grab http://localhost:3000/companies?test=test&province=&building_systems=1&wood_based_panels=1

what Ajit wanted to show is that all the parameters in the url are
available in the params hash

for an url like that


you should have
params[:test] containing "test"
params[:province] is empty
params[:building_system] containing "1" (as a string!)
and so on

you van use that in your controller code like

if params[:building_system] == "1" then
... do something ...

or in your erb code like Ajit showed.