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I've been doing some tests for uploading large files (say > 50MB) from
a form using ruby on rails, has anyone experienced poor performance
during this operation ?
I've tried every method described in wikis, tutorials, and even a few
plugins to do this. In all cases the CPU of my (old) powerbook G4 goes
to 100%, and it takes about a minute to upload a 50MB file to
localhost, and more than 5 minutes for a 100MB file. I've tried the
same operation in php and it takes about 15 seconds without occupying
all the resources.
At first i thought it was a matter of what code i was using to save
the file, but in later tests i discovered that the process slows down
just during the upload process, even if my controller code is no more
than calling the array params[:uploaded_file], without saving the file
anywhere. I don't know what to think, maybe it is some flaw with
I am currently using php to save the file in my application, but I
would like to know if there is a "rails way" that you know.

thanks in advance,
Pier Luigi Rocca

p.s. I'm a newbie, please don't be rude

no one with the same problem ?

Pier Luigi Rocca wrote:

no one with the same problem ?
Last time I did huge uploads (around 500MB), the upload pretty much
filled the 100Mbit/s available bandwidth on the LAN. I didn't check the
CPU usage though. The only problem was memory usage. If I had to put
such a thing in production, I won't use Rails for the upload, there are
Mongrel plugins and web server extensions designed to do file upload
without monopolizing a Rails process (and bringing its resident memory
size through the roof), Google them, IIRC you can find Howtos to
integrate them with Rails.


I will do some tests and get back with the results, thank you

pier luigi

try Merb to upload files.