upgrading to 2.3

I'm having trouble upgrading my app from rails 2.2.2 to 2.3.2. I've successfully installed the 2.3.2 gem (when I type 'rails -v' i get "Rails 2.3.2") and I've changed the environment.rb file to use 2.3.2, but 'rake rails:update' doesn't seem to do anything and when I try to run script/about it says rails 2.2.2 is being used. I have also used 'rake rails:unfreeze'. I'm not sure what else to try so any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Check there is not a rails folder in vendor. If there is, delete it.

That worked, thanks. I thought unfreeze was doing it, but I did not check and it turns out I needed to have super user permission.

Sounds like you did the freeze as root. That's not a very good idea.