Updating Restful Authentication Plug

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is information available about updating the
restful_authentication plugin on an existing application. There were
some recent fixes to make it work properly with the Rails 2.0.1

I have an existing application using the plugin and after updating the
application to run under Rails 2.0.x I was getting an error related to
redirect_to_url. I changed the line in lib/authentication_system.rb to
redirect_to, which seems to have fixed the error.

However, I also noticed in the notes of the latest version of
restful_authentication that there is a new option (--stateful). If I
want to update my application to take advantage of this feature, or
any future features, how do I update the authentication system without
breaking other things in my application? Is there a generator that I
can run to just update the existing system and not have it think I'm
doing a initial generation?

To be clear: I've already got the migration, and made the necessary
changes to application_controller.rb, session_controller.rb, etc. I
don't want to redo that work again after running the generator.


As a slight side issue, but pertinent to all the authentication plugins.

It seems to be normal to develop an application the add security.
(I won't go into if this is a bad approach or not.) because of this
there will probably be a User table already in existence and some
application specific fields.

  create_table "users", :force => true do |t|
zaps them all.

The migration code _should_ check to see if the table exists, should
check to see if any of its required fields already exist.

That would be a 'friendly' approach.

Perhaps the maintainers of those plugins would oblige :slight_smile:

Robert Walker said the following on 12/12/07 10:39 PM: