advice on migrating to restful_authentication

Hi -

I've spent a lot of time learning Rails, and building a User model,
controller, etc. I'm just starting to add a "forgot password"
function and I am reading that restful_authentication looks like it
has that built in. My question is, is it possible to migrate from
what I have to restful_authentication without creating a massive
headache for myself, or is this relatively straightforward? All I
want to do is add "forgot password" functionality, but it looks like
this generator is exactly what I want.

The more general observation is, order seems to count a lot in ROR.
If I were starting an app from scratch, I think this time around, I'd
start with restful_authentication along with a few others that are
really really time saving. But it seems like if you go down a
development path, unaware that someone has solved a lot of problems
for you, and then discover that plugin or generator, it is sometimes
more work than it's worth to undo all of your work. Does anyone agree
with this?


Actually, no. I find most of my time is spent figuring out how I want my application to behave and making it so. Pulling out one implementation and replacing it with another is normally far less time consuming than the initial implementation of a particular behavior. I take it as a given that I will refactor and if some larger chunks of functionality can be replaced in-situ with a better alternative, then I generally will do that if there is a reason to touch that code. (If it ain't broke, though, don't fix it!)

I have created an extended restful authenticator that includes forgot
password. Check out the following site:

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