Updating attribute based on radio selection

Why are you doing model updating in the view? Can you post the
corresponding controller code?

You use a loop to read every record in your table, and inside that
loop, the line:

voting.update_attribute('vote_count', voting.vote_count+1 )

updates every record adding one to the previous value. Your "if
voting.question....." encloses only the line below it (It appears that
<% end %> is missing.

sorry,i have missed to paste the <%end%> in the post.

actually i need to compare the selected nominee with the available
nominees .
if both are equal then i need to update the vote_count. so only i
updated the model in view..

Eddy Josafat wrote:

this post will be useful in understanding the logic you need for this
task. stars, css and the works is upto your own discretion..