undefined method `paginate'

I have updated rails to 2.0.1. When I wrote a blog demo, I got NoMethodError undefined method 'scaffold’
I searched with google and installed scaffolding plugin, now the undefined method ‘scaffold’ has gone, but there’s still NoMethodError

**undefined method `paginate'**

How can I fix this error?

AFAIK, pagination is not included in the core Rails distribution. You
have to install a plugin like will_paginate[1].

Good luck!

[1] http://agilewebdevelopment.com/plugins/will_paginate

Can it work with scaffold plugin?

Just install the plugin "classic_pagination", if you need the pre-2.0
default Rails pagination.

  / Peter

13 dec 2007 kl. 09.44 skrev huang zhimin:

Is this plugin broken? I can’t get it

And then there's a Railscast episode on iTunes that shows how to set
it up. I followed those instructions and it was easy and fast.

Episode 51.



If you wan t to use scaffolding in Rails 2.0 this is the correct
answer. The Scaffolding method calls paginate, and will not work with