Uglifier::Error: Unexpected token: punc (}) after installing ckeditor

After installing ckeditor I’m having this uglifier issue Uglifier::Error: Unexpected token: punc (})

How did you install ckeditor? Did you use a gem, or just the JS directly? It sounds as though the JS minifier is choking on the syntax in the library code, so that leads me to think you are using a gem, and putting the JS code in the Asset Pipeline. You may want to look into including this script through a CDN or similar, as a test. If that works, then look at the support page for the gem you used, and see if this is a solved problem.


The gem The Readme says to do the following:

# in config/initializers/ckeditor.rb

Ckeditor.setup do |config  |
# //<version.number>/<distribution>/ckeditor.js
  config.cdn_url = "//"

In view template include ckeditor CDN:

= javascript_include_tag Ckeditor.cdn_url

Precompile ckeditor/config.js:

# in config/initializers/assets.rb

Rails.application.config.assets.precompile += %w(ckeditor/config.js)

^ that’s a path to the gem’s assets/javascripts

Like to get it working before moving on to CDN