two actions in form_remote_tag

Why does this form_remote_tag call generate this form tag with both
"post" and "get" action?

form_remote_tag :url=> events_path, :method => "get", :html => {:id =>
"search_form"} do

html output.

<form onsubmit="new Ajax.Request('/events', {asynchronous:true,
evalScripts:true, parameters:Form.serialize(this)}); return false;"
method="post" id="search_form" action="/events">

This is messing up my submissions, when I define a submission on the
event of a select tag in the form changing..with a javascript call
of ..this.form.onsubmit(), it works fine. but if I call form
submission from a call back using jquery.

$j("search_form).submit();, it tries to do a post submission which
fails with unauthorized error.

Please help.