JavaScript Form Submit with form_remote_tag

I am trying to submit a form_remote_tag using javascript instead of a
regular form submit button. Here is my code:

    :url=> { :controller=>'store', :action=>'add_to_cart_ajax', :id =>, :variation => @variations[i].id },
    :html => {:name => 'add_product_form'},
    :complete => "showPopWin('/store/show_cart', 600, 400, null,
    :failure => 'alert("That item appears to have gone out of stock
before you were able to add it to your cart.\n\nPlease refresh this
    :update => 'items'
  <div class="buttonTicket" onclick="this.up('form').submit();">Add To

When I click the javascript text to submit the form, the ajax doesn't
fire. If I use a regular submit button everything works fine. What am
I doing wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated!