q: remote_form_for get & submit


im trying to build a ajaxified remote_form_for. this looks like that:
<% remote_form_for :search, :url => { :action => “index”} , :method => “get” , :loading => “$(‘divSearchWiP’).show();”, :loaded => “$(‘divSearchWiP’).hide();” do %>

<%= submit_tag “Search” %>

the form above sits in the index view. the index action does a page replaceL=:
render :update do |page|
page.replace_html ‘divsearchResults’, :partial => “results”
end #end render

also, the partial ‘results’ contains a dropdown to provide a selection of sortmethods:
select_tag “fieldSort”, options_for_select(@arrSortFields, @arrSortFieldsSel.to_s) , :onchange =>

facts& faqs:

  1. searching works, it the form triggers an ajax call although the html-source tells me its a POST call
  2. since its a POST, “submit” hits the create action :frowning:
  3. if i add :html=>{ to the form-tag, i the call goes directly into the create action.

how can i get the GET right?