trouble setting up RadRails with Locomotive2 on a macosx

Hi I've been battling this for a while. I'm trying to set up RadRails on my macosx. I configured the ruby interpretor as so: /Applications/Locomotive2/Bundles/standardRailsSept2006.locobundle/ i386/bin/ruby Which is def the right location. But when I go to create a new project I get this error in my console: /Applications/Locomotive2/Bundles/standardRailsSept2006.locobundle/ i386/bin/ruby: /Applications/Locomotive2/Bundles/ standardRailsSept2006.locobundle/i386/bin/ruby: cannot execute binary file

Has anyone seen this before? Or is able to help me? Cheers

I tried Locomotive and didn't really like it.

Try this instead:

It's a little more work up front, but I found it a better solution than Locomotive in the long run.

Post back if you have more questions.