Translation - French

I'm interested in translating the docrails into french, so I looked at wich
brought to a repository :, but it
hasn't been commited since May 2009.
Thus I forked directly from
Is that a problem ?

I'll try to involve some guys of the french rails community to commit
as much as possible for translations, but what happen then ? do we
have to mail you to tell it's ready, or pushing it somewhere, or
something else ?

Hope we'll be a good number of french railers !

Best regards,


It is a big task! You need first to translate everything, and then you
need to maintain the translations. Needs commitment.

I think you could first fork and follow those guidelines. If you guys
get this stuff done just ping me, we'll figure out how to publish it.

Great :slight_smile:
see you soon (more or less) then !