Hello everyone, recently I and friends start to translate rails guide to Korean version.

Recently I and friends started to translate rails guide for Korean version.

I expect to finish all current rails guides translating in 2 months, and then we’ll care

these documents to live with recent version English rails guides.

Now, we provide a translation result site for continuous integration to use with github page.


(This site is updating at each 57 min from commit state)

I have a question about our activity.

Can we push to https://github.com/lifo/docrails during translating process?

Firstly, I know lifo/docrails is public access repository, but I have not found any other

language version in lifo/docrails until now.

So I have that question about convention for docrails.

Secondly, now our results don’t have 100% Korean version yet.

(Exactly, We just finished five documents translation and is translating two documents.

At the first time, we focus term synchronizing for translating. )

Thank everyone for great guides to live.

Oh. I forgot to input our project repository link.

project repository

site for recent version distribution

Thank you

Hi Sangmin.

There are no stablished practices regarding guides transalations.
There have been a few attempts by different communities, but no
complete set that I am aware of by now. The practical problem of
translations is mainly maintenance. It is a non-trivial effort to keep
them up to date in English itself! :slight_smile:

If you guys are committed to this, please have a look at the LANGUAGE
environment variable documented at the top of this file


That'd be a starting point.

Hi Xavier,

You solved my old doubts why any other language guides doesn’t exist.

I totally understand your concern not to complete translation.

So I’ll try to merge when project’ll complete first step (100% translation and no supervision)

Thank you for feedback.


I know your last link. I think my activities to keep in right rule from https://github.com/lifo/docrails/wiki/Translating-Rails-Guides

and I checked generator sources( especially index generation part for non-latine characters).

So I could make Korean version distribution sites from these documents.



I convince to complete all translation in maximum 6 months. (first step in 3 months)

Until that time, I’ll apply English version new contents to our project too.

And then, I’ll tightly care for one year with my community. After one year, maybe

This project will be able to be loosely care by only community members power.

Reasons that I start translations are Rails 3.0 to enter stable and all Korean book to fit Rails 2.3.x.

I guess many Korean community members are thirsty for recent Korean document.

Thank you for all great rails guides.