Transfering information among view and action

hi every one . i am a newbie in rails . please help me with this

i have a controller named home_page and one action inside it named
. in view part of this controller for index action i have a login box
that the user must enter his user name and password to log in into the
site .when users enters
their user name and password and press the login button , the entered
value for user name and password should be passed to an action named
login in other controller named login_manager , my question here is
how i can transfer the enterd value of the user name and password from
index view of home_page controller to the login action method of the
login_manager controller ?

The browser submits the form contents for you, you can then pick it
out of the params hash


thanks fred for your replay . but my question is that how i should write
in my code that i want the username and password to be sent to the login
action of another controller named login_manager.