Ticket #8748 OpenBase Adapter Rewrite

Greetings, all!

The summary for the patch says it all ....

The OpenBase adapter was suffering from a faulty underlying library.
That library has been rewritten, although rails changed a lot while
the library was being rewritten. This adapter patch is the response to
the changes in rails and the shiny new Ruby/OpenBase library. It still
has 8 failures and 4 errors on the AR test suite, but the OpenBase
users need these changes ASAP, as the adapter won't work at all on
edge rails presently. We will continue to improve the adapter, and
provide smaller patches as issues are resolved.

I'm sorry I couldn't get it down to 0 failures before submitting, but
this patch makes the adapter quite usable. In fact, a plugin version
of this patch is running at least 3 production apps that I know of and
is performing very well.

Once the last of these issues are addressed, I want to get some CI set
up to keep the OB adapter healthy, but at this point I think it would
create more noise than it's worth ... unless someone with more CI
experience knows a way to implement this without flooding the mailing
list (I suppose there's always the "send notifications directly to me,
not to the mailing list" approach).

Humbled to be able to contribute,
-Derrick Spell

Oh yeah, and in addition to these fixes, the patch also adds support
for migrations. Yeah!


Humbled to be able to contribute,

Great work, Derrick. Perhaps we can use this opportunity to split
OpenBase out in a plugin. The intention for Rails 2.0 is to
drastically slim down the number of bundled database adapters, so work
on them can continue outside of the regular Rails release schedule.

Jeremy, is everything wrapped up to allow for this yet?

Actually, I've been thinking that it would be nice to be able to
maintain the adapter as a plugin so that the core doesn't have to be
modified every time I make a change. I am 100% for this change. In
fact, the OpenBase community already has several projects working off
this adapter as a plugin. Are you looking to have these adapter
plugins housed in the main rails svn repos, or should adapter
maintainers find their own homes for these plugins?