Third edition of "Programming Ruby" now in beta

Ruby 1.9 is just around the corner, so it looks like a good time to create a new edition of Programming Ruby. So, I'm pleased to announce that the Third Edition of the PickAxe has just entered beta.

The book's home page is at

Here's the plan. I'm starting with the second edition text and going through it revising for 1.9 changes. So far I'm done the first 120 pages or so. When you look at the beta book, you'll see some pages with red headers and footers, and others with gray. The red pages are updated content, and the gray pages are content from the second edition. Over time, more and more pages will turn red, until the book is done.

Matz is still making changes to 1.9 functionality. This book will track these changes, so that it will mirror what 1.9 becomes as we move towards an eventual release. We won't go to press until Ruby has stabilized.

We're experimenting with something different for this book. With all our other titles, a fresh edition counts as a brand new book, and has to be bought again. With this edition, we're offering substantial discounts to owners of the existing second edition (if those books or PDFs were bought from us).

To get these discounts (and, remember, you have to have bought the books directly from us to qualify) simply create an account (or log in to your existing account) on You'll find buttons on your account page which let you buy at a discount.


Dave Thomas