Thetis ver.1.0.0 <Open-Source Groupware> Released!

Hi all,

We have just released Thetis ver.1.0.0,
the latest version of the World-Strongest Open-Source Groupware
(Web Collaboration Suite) based on RoR.

It is absolute free, under the terms of Modified BSD License.

* Try our Demo

* Download

* User's Manual

* New Features and Improvements:
  + Supporting server environment now up-to-date:
      Ruby 1.9.2 / Rails 3.0.7

  + Full implementation of Web Mail (E-mail) feature.

     - In addition to PaintMail, general E-mails can be sent,
       received and stored in the Web-folder tree.

     - Address book has also been implemented which makes it
       easy to specify To-addresses of E-mail.
       It can be shown as a menu and as a pop-up window
       on the Mail screen and Desktop screen.

  + Folders specified to be shown on the default BBS screen got
    their own icon so that Users can easily distinguish them.

  + Members of Schedules can be now specified by Groups and Teams
    as well as Users.

  + Timestamps of Timecard can be input by One-Click from Current
    time or Last LOGIN time.

  + Timezone (Local Time Region) can be specified per User.

     - By selecting the correct Timezone on User Edit screen,
       timestamps of such as schedules and articles can be
       correctly identified even by the Users accessing from
       different regions.
      (Default Timezone can be set which can be applied to all
       Users as well)

  + Totally organized with Zeptair VPN. <<Released as Preview>>

     - Authentication of Zeptair VPN has been integrated to
       Thetis' User accounts.
       (Allow and Deny can be switched on User Edit screen by
        administrators. 'Deny' by default)

     - Administrators can view and export (as CSV) Network Logs
       of Zeptair VPN in Thetis.

     - Administrators can create and manage 'Packages' whose
       Attachment files are automatically distributed to
       Zeptair Clients.

  + In addition, some bug-fixes.

  + Please refer to User's Manual for more details.

Try and have fun!

Thetis Developers