Thetis ver.0.9.5_1 <Open-Source Groupware> Released!

Hi all,

We have just released Thetis ver.0.9.5_1,
the newest version of the World-Strongest Open-Source Groupware
based on RoR.

It is absolute free, under the terms of Modified BSD License.

* Try our Demo

* Download

* User's Manual

* New Features and Improvements:
  + Each of registrant and sanction Users can move and delete Items of
    Workflows now separately.

  + Strage location for Attachment files of Items comes to be
selectable in file-
    system in addition to conventional database.

  + By Workflows and Templates of Items, it corrected so that images
    attachment files might also be reflected in the created items.

  + When displaying Schedules by Group or by Team, Schedule of each
member can
    now be shown in calendar form in a popup-window.

  + Popup-Calendar button has been added on Desktop.

  + Access to the database has been optimized and access frequency

  + In addition, some bug-fixes.

  + Please refer to User's Manual for more detail.

Try and have fun!