Open-source Groupware/CMS Thetis ver.0.9.3_2 released!

Hi all,

<<Thetis>> is the world strongest Groupware/CMS based on RonR with highly sophisticated functional UI by Web2.0/Ajax.

We have just released the new version of Thetis, ver.0.9.3_2. This version realizes more comfort response by each operation and some useful enhancements, such as general configuration without editing files. Of course it is absolute FREE, under the terms of Modified BSD License.

* Try our Demo   Thetis

* Introductions   (English)   (Japanese)   (German) (Im Bau)

* Download   Thetis

* New Features and Improvements:   + The response of each operation on Items (BBS / List), Schedules,     Statistics of Research, and Access Logs have been sharply improved.

  + General Configuration screen is added to the Menu for Administrators.     It is now possible to configure the behavior of Thetis without editing     files.

  + Contents of Header Menu are now easily customizable.     - The "Topic Box" and "Note" in the Header Menu (the conventional       "Topic" and "Links") can be customized easily by uploading arbitrary       HTML files on the screen.

  + Desktop Management screen has been added to the Menu for Administrators,     and they can select and edit freely the default Desktop displayed     to non-logged-in Users.

  + Moreover, Schedules Management screen has been added for Administrators.     It enables to specify holidays on Schedules and Calendar.

  + And more and more, with some Bug-fixes.

Try and have fun!

Well, you really should have your javascript degrade gracefully, I can’t even download your product from a server. The links don’t work in either lynx or links.

Other than that, I am interested in looking at it.

Hi Jon,

Thank you for your suggestion and interest in our product.

If you use a text-browser, please visit the following URL in to download Thetis.

# While regrettable, Thetis itself currently does not support # text-browsers.

Thanks, I am not trying to use it with text, just download since the server is remote. I did an scp and got it. Unfortunatly I use mongrel/nginx and could not figure out how to make it work correctly with the different home path.

I will look at it later, as it looks very interesting.