The Reality Of Real Time

Reality Of Real Time

Many come into this lifestyle by
getting involved with someone online. The Internet has allowed for
communication and interaction with others worldwide. A drawback to this
wide communication network is that we have lost a lot of the one-on-one
interaction. This is seen in the BDSM arena where people have “online relationships”
which they mistake for being the real thing.

Let us start by saying that an
online BDSM relationship is not the same as a “real/time” relationship.
They are two completely different worlds. Too many mistakenly believe
that the later will be the same as the online was. Sadly, this is not the
truth. Online tends to glamorize the relationships. It is when one
makes the switch to real/time that reality hits her squarely in the face.
In this instance, she often wonders what happened to the wonderful relationship
that she had.

Often a sub/slave is asked to do
things when online which are a test to see her level of commitment. Of
course, without being there, a Dom/Master has no way of knowing if the task was
accomplsihed (in many instances). It is left to the word of the
sub/slave. Many times she will agree to something knowing that she is not
going to do it. When living online, she can get away with this.

The same cannot be said for
reality. When she is with her Dom/Master, he will know if something is
not complete. In these instances, He probably will opt for some form of
punishment. Again, online punishments are a lot different then real
world. Some of the actions which might result:

-she might be told to hold off
pissing for a few hours (one of my personal favorites)

-she might have to sleep on the
floor for a certain length of time.

-her meals may be served in a dog

-her residence may be a cage for a
day or so

-she may find that orgasms are
prohibited for a few weeks (or longer)

-or she could find that she is
ignored for a long period of time while her Dom/Master lavishes attention on

These are just a few of the options
that One might choose. The point is that real/time is vastly different
than online. For many online, it really is a fantasy game to them.
They are not serious about the lifestyle. I believe this is why they
resist when it comes time to transition to the real world. Their
intention was simply to play for a while. The dedication that is
necessary to be successful in a real relationship is too much for many to
handle. Yet they often believe what they are engaging in is real.
Sadly for those who are in this situation, it is not.