Spice Up Your Life

Do You Have A Yearning To Serve?

**Have You Noticed A Strong Desire To


The M/s lifestyle is
one that offers many the fulfillment which they craved in traditional
relationships. Society has a way of
dispelling the natural tendencies of people while telling them that there is a
certain way that relationships need to look.
Sadly, many do not fit into the mold which society offers. There are a lot of individuals who desire
something different while bouncing from failed one failed relationship to
another. http://www.anownedlife.com/description.html.

Domination/Submission Downplayed

Society fails to
honor the virtue of servitude. We are
taught that to be successful we must be in control. That is the path to happiness. For many, this is not something that sits
well with their inner core. There are a
certain amount of people who crave the satisfaction which comes from serving
another. **Are you one of these
people? ** If so, society attempts to
have you stuff that emotion. http://www.anownedlife.com/description.html.

At the same time,
even though we promote control as a virtue, Domination is a topic which is
taboo. This is often seen as crossing
the line. Anyone who engages in this
behavior is labeled things such as a tyrant.
When it comes to relationships, people are taught that they need to be
sensitive. Sadly, many desire being dominant;
just like there are many who want to be dominated. http://www.anownedlife.com/description.html.

The Lifestyle That Fulfills These Needs

The M/s way of life
offers an opportunity for people to get in touch and fill these natural desires
that are within. There is nothing more
magical than seeing a person find what he/she was searching for so long. Learning the proper way to enter this way of
life will ensure that one is safe in the methods being applied. Dennis Najee wrote the bestselling “An Owned Life” in an
effort to clear up the misconceptions which are associated with the
lifestyle. He is experienced having
lived this way of life for the last 10 years. http://www.anownedlife.com/description.html.

An Owned Life

This is by far one of the most comprehensive
works written about the M/s relationship.
It deals with the fundamentals of control while showing One how to
control without using fear or intimidation.
Dennis Najee is a believer in the benefit of controlling
psychologically. His track record proves
that the depth of this approach is much greater than the other. Anyone who is remotely interested in
exploring this way of life should start with this publication. It explains all the basics that one needs to
make an informed decision. Get yourself
started on the road to inner satisfaction today. http://www.anownedlife.com/description.html