The MOle reloaded !


    The MOle (originally a rails plugin) has been re-released as a
gem . The MOle allows you to closely monitor
    how your users are interacting with your applications Whether
you're releasing a new application or enhancing an
    existing ones, you might wonder how are your customers using your
application ? Using the MOle you will
    be able to easily trap and record the way your various application
features are being used. The MOle will also
    assist you in monitoring performance issues so you can catch them
early before getting that phone call...
    Most importantly, you will now have necessary information to
decide which features are worth tackling in
    your next iteration and whether your launch is a success or a

    The gem will work within your ruby application, Merb and Rails,

    The MOle is hosted on RubyForge and documentation and samples of
'MOled' application for various
    frameworks can be found at

Enjoy !