Textile alternative


I am looking for a little advice here.

I am currently using Textile for my website. Redactors are allowed to
use plain HTML or Textile without limitation, and readers (for comments)
are only allowed to usec :filter_styles-ized Textile (I don't want them
to use style="font-size: 10000pt;")

However, as RedCloth is not supported anymore (I know of SuperRedCloth,
which was not feature-complete, espacially as far as filtering is
concerned, but there hasn't been any new version since the first

I know of markdown, and I have been suggested to use Wiki syntax, which
is well-known.

I am most interested in your experience. Do you know of a Wiki Parser
which is not integrated in a complete-featured wiki? (I just need a
wiki-to-HTML parser for my existing website).

Here are my requirements:

- External and independant (simple Wiki-to-HTML parser)
- Full-featured (tables, images, etc.)
- Ability to filter HTML for comments (with the parser itself, or
external tool/filter?)

So if you know of a solution, I would really apperciate a little advice!

Thank you very much!!



I'm interested in what others may offer, but one thing you might
consider is dropping in TinyMCE: http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/ and
using that for your text areas. Then, instead of users having to use
or know markup or markdown, they have a nice graphical toolbar (ala
Word). I used it in a Rails app and it was nice to have the specific
editor-type features I wanted, including a couple of customized ones.