Limiting Textile (RedCloth) Parsing

Is there a way to limit Textile parsing? Textile is great, but I don't
want users leaving comments with the ability to add tables and so
forth. Is there a way to limit what gets parsed? I've tried searching
for a way to do this, but with not much luck.

I have no fear of diving in and getting my hard dirty, but I'm new to
Ruby and to Rails and am just having a hard time finding the right
direction to go in.

Look at and Redcloth#to_html

You can put the RedCloth parser into "lite mode" which disables
block-level elements: textile_str, [:lite_mode] ).to_html

Check out the docs at for more.


Thanks, Ben and Rick. I found what I need, which are the rules for the
to_html method. I found that I could simply not include one of the
rules to determine what did or did not get processed.

However, I did run into one hitch, which was the glyphs processing
rule. Fortunately, RedCloth is open source and I was able to look in
the source to find out what the problem was. It turns out the RedCloth
documentation is out of date. Also, fortunately, there's a wiki entry
on the site for RedCloth, so I was able to add the data
to the wiki about the problem (until they update the official
documentation) so others don't get stuck.

Thanks again for the help!