Testing rails apps

I haven't really learned much about testing rails apps. I've only heard a few things, like factory-girl, r-spec, etc...

What about selenium, I'm looking at a course (but it's more QA).

Thanks, Joe

What kind of testing are you looking for?

No idea, if it’s part of the development life cycle I would imagine that I need to be familiar with the process.

Maybe it’s a good skill to have, or not sure if I should focus more on the design / user experience stuff.



Ther are either ways, service level testing and UI experiencing testing. According to me, it would be best to stick for UI experience.

As this is the intail stage for your testing… it would be best to adopt BDD to it.

I’ve looked into ux design, but I find that the subject is very subjective. What appeals to me, might not appeal to others. I mean, if you break down websites, you basically have menus (navigation) and some forms ( maybe some tables.

That should be part of the framework you come up with. Every UX design has this.

You need to define a framework and then kickstart it.

What about starting here: Testing Rails Applications — Ruby on Rails Guides