advice for tests.

I'm using rails with jruby for my applications but until now I never used tests.
Now I want start to integrate tests during my applications development.
Do you suggest some suites or frameworks to automate and facilitate tests?
I've heard of selenium
What do you think about?

Basically there’s two to three tiers of tests you’d want to look into:

  • unit tests: testing models on a microlevel, making sure that your models behave and will keep behaving as you intend them to. Personally I prefer RSpec for these tests, the syntax feels natural to me. However, you could also use Test::Unit with Shoulda. There’s probably some other options available, but these two are going to be the most popular ones.

  • integration tests: testing controllers and the actual application behavior. Now this is where Selenium comes in. Unless your Rails app makes extensive use of clientside technology (i.e. Javascript and AJAX requests), you probably don’t need Selenium. Don’t use Selenium as a way to press a record button and go through your application manually and then replay that every now and then. We use Cucumber+Selenium for our application because quite a bit of the functionality is clientside code. If that weren’t the case, Cucumber by itself would be more than enough. You basically write different scenarios and then run them.

  • performance tests: here you will tests the performance of your Rails app. Personally I’ve never needed to use them, so maybe someone will chime in here on what solutions are available. has some really nice screencasts available on testing.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt