UI Testing

Not strictly about UI testing, but something in that direction: my
RailsConf Europe presentation will be about (unit) testing JavaScript
(with unittest.js of script.aculo.us, which is also used for the
Prototype unit tests). I'll put up the slides of the presentation
after the talk (so, later this week, maybe Friday or so).

In my experience, for interface and interaction testing itself you'll
have to do manual tests. For example, all browsers known to man have
rendering errors in some situations that you can't really capture
with automated tools-- and while you can tricky with stuff like
screenshot comparisions, this will quickly become extremely tiresome
in this world of quickly changing apps.

The route I'd recommend is: have sane amount of coverage for unit and
functional tests for the Rails app, unit tests for your JavaScript
libs, and try to have frequent releases. It's imperative that you
check all vital functionality of your app in all supported browsers


You should take a look at Adam Connors’ and Joe Walnes’ excellent talk “Does my button look big in this? Building Testable AJAX
Applications” which they presented at the Google London Test Automation Conference last week. It should be coming out on Google Video any day now. I’ll post it to my blog as soon as it comes out.