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Hi Michael,

Michael Satterwhite wrote:

I'm trying to learn Rails, and some of the concepts are foreign to the "traditional" way of doing thing.

Depends on how far back your "tradition" goes :wink: A lot of the concepts in Rails were used in client/server computing. But if a person's experience base didn't predate the web (i.e., going on 8-10 years now), I imagine concepts like MVC and solid OO language constructs could be new. Many Rails concepts aren't so much new as they are new to the web development domain.

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Michael Satterwhite wrote:

Bill Walton wrote:

Depends on how far back your "tradition" goes :wink:

I go back to 1970. I've been in the field a *LONG* time.

Damn! That IS a *LONG* time :wink: I didn't get started til '80.

It still begs the original question. What types of errors in the code cause a "Template is missing" error.

The previous reply from Terry Donaghe was correct with respect to what causes the error: lack of a View. The default view that Rails looks for is one that has the same name as the controller action last executed in the request/response cycle. The view used can be explicitly over-ridden in the controller action with either render or redirect_to. The render can also be used to tell Rails not to render anything at all which is especially helpful when you're using Ajax to update the database incrementally.

The largest cause of the error for me has been fat-fingered typos.

I'll also second Terry's suggestion re: reading material.

hth, Bill