Table name ending in ie

You could try it spelled as 'recipe' and see what you get.

Paul Flynn <rails-mailing-list@...> writes:

Thanks Nic

Whilst I acknowledge my dyslexia!! The fundamental problem is still
there, change my misspelling of recipie with what I am to Ruby... newbie
and you get the same result. Therefore the original question is still
valid what happens when table names end in IE.

There are 2 possibilities.

The first is to tell Rails how to pluralise 'newbie' correctly in your
environment.rb (it has comments telling you how)

The second is to use set_table_name in your model to explicitely tell Rails
which table to use for it (documentation has all the gossip about that function)

Don't worry, Rails is plenty flexible enough in that area


Right, at the top of your class definition (model file) add:
set_table_name "recipes". In my example, I assume the name of your
table in the Oracle database is 'recipes'.