Rails add "s" to end of table name with MySQL DB query

I'm trying to figure out why my database.yml file is adding the letter
"s" to the name of my table when doing a query.

I tried wiping out my config and starting from scratch using different
file names and table names but it does the exact same thing. For
instance, my table is named "info", when I try to access info from a
web browser, I get a mysql db connection error that says there is no
table named "infos".

Any idea why this is happening?



Yes, that's what ActiveRecord does by default; pluralized table names. You can modify this behaviour easily by adding this to your config/environment.rb:

ActiveRecord::Base.pluralize_table_names = false

Hi Jackster,

By default, Rails assumes that a table name is the plural form of the corresponding model name. That assumption can be overridden by uncommenting the line "# ActiveRecord::Base.pluralize_table_names = false" in your config/environment.rb file. If you just want to set an exception for info but pluralize everything else, you can activate and modify the inflect.uncountable statement which also is commented out in that same file.

This behavior is described in considerable detail in chapter 14 of the current Pickaxe book.

-- Mike