Swiss Hosts for Ruby on Rails

I've tried searching on in both English and German (can't do
French or Italian, sorry) and couldn't find one. So, unless there's a
host which exclusively works in French and/or Italian (unlikely I
would think), I don't think there aren't any.

I'm swiss and I do not know a swiss rails hoster, too. I even send some
emails to some of the popular swiss hosting companies to ask if and
when the going to interoduce a rails hosting plan. But unfortuantly
never got an answer from any of them. So I guess rails is a taboo or
whatever to swiss hosters. That's why I chosed a american one. It's
much cheaper anyway.

Why exactly does your customer want a Swiss host? Is it for
"patriotic" reasons, or do they think it'll be quicker? If they think
it's going to be quicker, you should let them know that with an
American host the difference would be negligeable and with a German
host, it would be pretty much impossible to measure a difference.
But, if using a swiss host is really important to them, tell them that
you could do it in RoR on an American host at quarter of the cost or
go back to Java/PHP/.NET, making it far more expensive. See what they
say then.