SWF multiple file upload

Hi guys

Im new to rails i would like to create app with swf file upload with
multiple file upload,
is that any sample app is available with multiple file uploads plz
give me some reference for me




Acts_as_attachment has been replaced a long time ago with attachment_fu, this post dates from two years ago. But indeed, you could use attachment_fu instead of paperclip, that’s personal preference. Paperclip does have a few advantages over attachment_fu if you need custom processing though (video thumbnailing etc). Not that it can’t be done with attachment_fu, but I can’t help it feeling a bit hacky to say the least.

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Peter De Berdt

Thank you guys

i got the solution with help of ur reference, now im trying to view the file when im clicking the appropriate link i got the result when im try to show the image but i have a problem when im try in to some other file like pdf or doc .etc

in my controller i use the following code for show my file
def show
puts params.inspect
@asset = Asset.find(params[:id])
@file_path = ENV[“PWD”] +"/public/#{@asset.public_filename}"
content_type = @asset.content_type
send_file(@file_path , :type => content_type, :disposition => ‘inline’)

show html.erb

i use the following code to show the image:

<%= image_tag(@asset.public_filename) %>

what can i do for show the other file