Attachment fu plugin image upload

Hello Everyone,

Anybody know how to upload multiple images using attachment fu plugin

thanks in advance

attachment_fu is a model plugin, so it has nothing to do with multiple file upload. That said, a simple google search brings up plenty of tutorials on how to handle it in views and controller and pass it to your attachment_fu powered model:

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I tried attachment_fu and paperclip and I can only recommend paperclip... I think it's easier and more rails-like :slight_smile: To your question: This guide looks good: I have in mind that acts_as_attachment and attachment_fu have the same API so this should work for attachment_fu :wink:

I used both: as far as I know paperclip only permits you to have 1 attachment per model. attachment_fu is more flexible about this. am I wrong?

Paperclip allows more than one attachment per model

Andrew Timberlake

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It allows 1 - n ? Can I have a list of attachments associated to the model? or you have to add each attachment?