multiple file upload


I want to do a multiple file upload with Ruby. I want to let my users
upload pictures on my website to their account. I'm looking for
something with a nice interface. I was wondering if you knew of any
plugins/gems i can use

THanks :slight_smile:


There a a bunch of them all over the internet. You just need to find
out more about them and decide which one suits your needs.

Here are a few that I can name by mind: Acts As Attachment, File
Column Plugin and FlexImage, attachment_fu, upload_column and many

Try googling the plugins I gave you...

See ya
Thiago Guerra

Interface is something you have to whip up yourself. Rails isn’t a ready-made application, it’s a framework. Although maybe one of the open source rails application might fit your need, I’ll let other people recommend you apps that could be useful.

On the Rails side, I’d advise you to use attachment_fu to handle the uploaded files. For the uploading interface, you have a choice between a wide variety of methods: SWFUpload ( uses Flash to stream multiple files to Rails (+ upload progress/client side file size and type checking/…), reponds_to_parent uses the iframe method for handling uploads (posting the files form to an iframe to simulate ajax upload) or you can just use normal forms to handle your upload.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt