Help with multiple file upload

Hi, I am a newbie and am trying to make a system which needs multiple file upload…i saw lot of different methods on the net when i googld it such as act as attachment, using js, using flash,etc. But i am quite confused by now also. I am not very sure what to do as none of them gives a coherent explanation of how to do it. And its an emergency. SOS

-ciao AG

You can find a multiple file upload tutorial at the Rails Grunt website. Here is a link to the site

Hi Chad, Thanks for the guidance. But what i finally implemented was using attachment_fu as its an updation over act_as_attachment by Rick Olsen . WHile searching the net, found lot of c@#p things but along with ur link, the other link which helped was and In fact the guy who blogs at Noobie site, created a multiple upload based on the grant and the clark link. Thses are the beat one i found. In fact there is not much actually help info out there

ciao AG