Strange AR issue

I'm seeing a strange issue with the following code. I've also included
the relevant log entries. Note that 'released_on' is set in the SELECT
query but is NULL in the INSERT query. What gives?

year = hash["release_date"] || hash["year"]
album = Album.find_or_create_by_title_and_released_on :title =>
hash["album"], :number_of_tracks => hash["track_count"], :released_on
=> year

  Album Load (0.2ms) SELECT `albums`.* FROM `albums` WHERE
(`albums`.`released_on` = '1978') AND (`albums`.`title` = 'Drum
Outtakes') LIMIT 1

  AREL (2.1ms) INSERT INTO `albums` (`created_at`, `released_on`,
`updated_at`, `title`, `number_of_tracks`) VALUES ('2011-01-03
22:43:27', NULL, '2011-01-03 22:43:27', 'Drum Outtakes', 23)

What column type is released_on?


released_on is of column type DATE.

released_on is of column type DATE.

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Looking at your post it seems that you are passing '1978'. You may
know that that is a date but I wonder whether rails does. It might be
worth trying passing a Date in to find_or_create_by.


Sorry about the top posting. I know better, but I'm using the Google
Groups web interface, so I spaced on that.

Anyway, you are correct about Rails needing to know that '1978' is a
date. Changing the following code:

year = hash["release_date"] || hash["year"]


year = hash["release_date"] ||["year"].to_i)