Steps to develop a Rails app.

Hi Rails people, I've plan to develop own Rails app based on very simple
concepts like Student mark sheet, where we can do:
1. Add a new marks(m1,m2,m3) of a student,
2. Delete a existing marks of a student,
3. Edit any existing mark(s) of a student,
4. List of students mark in a view.

consider as newer to Rails,
give me steps/references to do that above,and it should query with


1- Create 2 models: Student and Mark
2- Add relation between them. belongs_to :student in the Mark model and has_many :mark in the Student model

3- rake db:create && rake db:migrate

4- Create Controllers

5- Create Views

6- Create Routes

maybe the rails ‘generate scaffold Mark Student’ could help you

First work right through a good tutorial such as
(which is free to use online). Then you will understand the basics of
rails and know how to get started.