Startup script

I need to run a ruby file when the server starts up and then at 2
second intervals as long as the server is running. What is the
preferred way to do this in Rails? Can I put something in the
environment.rb or something like that? Currently I made this script a
controller with a while true loop that sleeps for 2 seconds before it
executes (basically an infinite loop). I run the script by hitting
the URL and then I close out my web browser because it never
finishes. This is allowing me to test fine but is obviously not a
good solution. I am doing all of this on Windows so I can't use
things like BackgroundDB. Thanks.

Add a method (that includes your 2 second sleep) to your model, then
run it like this:

script/runner -e production "Model.method" &

Thanks for the help. Took me a while to get it to work because I
forgot to self.methodname since it has to be a class method. Any
ideas on how I can get this to start automatically.

Can you explain what you’re trying to do in more detail? There may be a better approach.

You can make it into a shell script and then put that into a cron job.
The shell script will produce a pid you can use to check for to
start/stop appropriately:


if test -r $pidfile
  scriptpid=`cat $pidfile`
  if `kill -CHLD $scriptpid >/dev/null 2>&1`
    exit 0
  echo ""
  echo "Stale $pidfile file, erasing..."
  rm -f $pidfile

echo ""
echo "Couldn't find script '$script' running, running now."
echo ""


exit 0

Part of my application requires communication to a PLC. This PLC has
a SOAP web service in which you can access the current points in the
PLC. My application needs to poll this SOAP service every couple of
seconds and update a database table with the results. Ideally I want
this to automatically start when my web server starts up and keep
going for the duration that the web server runs.