executing a method from command line [cron]


I need to do some database housekeeping periodically. Right now I have
a method in my model, which I am calling from ./script/console like x
= Model.update_all and it works fine.

I need to put this in cron. I know that I should be using
./script/runner, I have looked a lot for an example script
encapsulating my method to do this. But could not find any. It would
be great if some one can post a simple script that I can call from

I am also not sure if ./script/runner calls methods in my controller or model.

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script/runner will run model methods like this script/runner -e
production 'Emailer.send_daily_announcements'

Be aware that script/runner loads the Rails framework every time it
runs, so it starts slow. I.E. don't use it for jobs that you run all the
For a database monitoring daemon that runs a simple query every 5
seconds, I use a daemon that starts with './script/runner .... &' and
runs constantly - the method that I call has an infinite loop. This way
the environment only loads once.


Rajkumar S wrote:

Peter wrote:

If you are on a Mac the following:

couldn't get it to work either.


check this guys post because I owe him a Heineken


Now if someone has the answer why its got to be a full path
let us know

For DreamHost, and I expect for you too, the answer is that cron jobs are run with no environment (so no PATH). See here:



   Justin Forder

Thanks every one for the helpful mails! I am now able to run the Model
method from command line.