Startup looking for Rails talent

Hello Guys!

This isn't spam I swear! I currently work for a very young startup. We
are about a month away from our initial release. We are still a bit in
stealth mode but the site is deployed and we have a small user base.

We are based in Irvine, California. Locals are welcome as well as those
who wish to work remotely. Right now there are only a few developers on
the team.

The site is being developed in Ruby on Rails 2.1 with HAML for
templating, Shoulda for testing and LowPro + Prototype for javascript.
Please be either familiar with these or willing to learn then quickly if
you are interested.

The pay is negotiable but we are a startup and most likely equity in the
company would be available. In addition, once hired you would have a
great deal of creative freedom as well as influence on the direction of
the company.

Please post here or shoot an email to if you are
interested in learning more.