RoR opportunity in Los Angeles

Hi all,

My name is Brad Bennett, I'm not a recruiter, I'm a programmer (mostly
C background, MS in CS) who is starting a (well-funded) software
company. I am a relative newbie to Rails who was blown away by how
easy and intuitive it was to get started and get productive, which
caused me to decide to switch from the relatively clunky .NET tools to

I'm working on a relatively complex online app (hate to say it, but it
may be "web 2.0"), and I could benefit greatly from another programmer
who knows their stuff. I am offering competitive salary, equity, 4
weeks vacation, free drinks, a fun, friendly, hard-working environment
in which you will have a lot of input in the entire development and
deployment of our product.

The more experience you have with Ruby and Rails the better; the more
computer science and general programming experience the better; the
more web development experience the better. If you don't have much of
that type of experience, but are a seriously enthusiastic, seriously
smart, seriously educated rails beginner, then I will definitely
consider a person with those qualities. Wanting to be a part of
building a company from the ground up is an excellent quality as well.

I am located in Los Angeles (westside), and I am looking for someone
who can commit to working full-time, onsite.

If you're interested, please email me at "bradleyjaybennett" + "@" +
"" with your resume. Be sure to include any open-source
contributions as well as your work history.

I look forward to hearing from you!