SQL query viewer plugin

Hello guys, I've used a plugin, a while ago, that shows on a absolute positioned div, links to the queries that were executed on that page, identifying by colors how much time they took. It was great for profiling, and now I can't remember the name, nor I can find any bookmark to the plugin's site.

Does any one knows the plugin or uses something like that?

Thanx a lot in advance.

Hi Sijo, thanx for the answer but it's not that, I've also used New Relic, but it works by sending data to the New Relic site. The one I'm talking about was only local, it doesn't have charts. Thanx again anyway

What you're describing sounds a lot like the Rails Footnotes plugin:


May want to give that a try.

--Matt Jones

Thank you Matt, I'll give that one a try too, but I just found the one I was talking about. It's called Query Reviewer[1] I'll leave the link here in case somebody want to try it too.

Thanx a lot.