spree commerce (or other open source ruby shopping carts)

Hi All,

Has anyone used spree commerce as an e-commerce system? Is it production ready? Easy to customize? Are there other ruby-based platforms out there?

I’m currently looking at options for an e-commerce system for a venture my company is starting and we’re deciding whether to use existing open-source solutions, proprietary software, or to just roll our own. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



Haven’t used spree.

We use active merchant + paypal, but it is not a very big part of our site - it works and we leave it alone. Not sure what you are doing, but shopify might be an option as well.


Andrew Kuklewicz

Spree has nice architecture and logic with extensions, but currently it has many bugs. It is in version 0.10... I was impressed by his architecture but dissapointed by the bugs :(. I started to fix them, it wasn't difficult to fix what bug I found but I was thinking if it has so many bugs now that I started, what I will find out later so I decided to go with a custom eshop (and when rails 3.0 comes out, make it rails 3 and give it open source... but it is very simple in comparison with spree).

I like to deploy the Spreecommerce locally and want to implement my own changes. I have deployed successfully but I don't know where the actual sources files comes or running. I need help to sort this out. Please can any one help me.

Thanks in Advance

The source files are coming from the spree gem, which is a Rails Engine (in short, a Rails Engine has all the architecture and code to function as an full Rails app, but treats your Rails app as the main app and itself as a secondary/auxilliary app). You can look at specific spree files whereever you install your gems locally as well as here, https://github.com/spree/spree.

In terms of overriding Spree, check out these links,

Views - http://guides.spreecommerce.com/view_customization.html

Logic - http://guides.spreecommerce.com/logic_customization.html