Hello, someone used to an online spree ....

Hi hope you all have a good day I go to the Ruby On Rails group by a concern I have less than 8 days to make a demo online shop, my rails level is medium, the store should not be functional at all, but if should have a shopping cart, user registration and also make connections between user purchase orders and the product they want to buy, these days and been researching how to do it, I met Spree but do not know if anyone in the group has had an experience with Spree or have some other gem that I facilitate the work, or if I recommend doing it all by hand with Rails 4 expect a prompt response as time is catching me thank you very much

I think Spree should work fine as long as you pay attention to the requirements; such as Ruby version and Rails version.

@orlando - follow the README instructions on spreeā€™s project page. GitHub - spree/spree: Open Source multi-language/multi-currency/multi-store eCommerce platform. You should be able to get a working spree site in production in less than a day.