Need Quality E-Commerce Samples

My boss is finally willing to listen to moving to a quality open sourced platform for our e-commerce web site, but she needs ‘concrete examples’ to believe that moving to ruby on rails is a good solution. And she needs ‘e-commerce’ pages (i.e. telling her twitter is built in rails doesn’t impress her), preferably in the natural food industry.

We currently have a company that ‘built’ our website in PHP and we don’t own our code, nor do we have access to the data (which drives me batty). They were recently purchased and the new owner is attempting to green mail us and it’s an opportunity to get my boss to move to a better base where we own all the data and the code of the web site. I’m a ‘pre-beginner’ in rails. I know enough to get started, but not enough to build a truly dynamic website, let alone a fully functional e-commerce with a front and back end.

I was hoping people could give me some examples or a site that lists sites built in rails?

You could take a look at the list of sites on Spree’s website (scroll half way down) Spree is an open source e-commerce platform written in Rails.

Shopify is built in rails (and quite a few libraries such as delayed_job, liquid, active merchant have been extracted from it over the years). It’s not opensource, so it doesn’t help you out directly but it does show that rails can quite happily do these things.


+1 to the existing recommendations for Spree and Shopify.

But seriously, the premise is fairly silly: the toolset used to build a site has a minimal to nonexistent effect on its external appearance. It would be like asking a (building-style, not software-style) architect “I’m thinking about building my next house out of wood. Can you show me some previous projects that used wood?”.

–Matt Jones

I do realize the premise is silly, but my boss is my boss, one of those people who thinks they know everything and anything new terrifies them. the concept of open source (free) makes her think unstable and non functional and that because we are a natural food company it can’t work unless other natural food companies have worked. She thinks we have to dump another 30-40K into some sort of 3rd party BS where we don’t own code or have access to the data.