Specify rails versions

Hi guys! this month I’m giving some rails courses and I’ve noticed it’s difficult for rails newbies to know if guides are updated or not. I think it would be great to specify in some way the rails version covered in each guide or even in each section.

What do you think?

Good suggestion. The version is in the home page, but you don't see it in the guides themselves. Will try to have it for 3.1 (which is due today, so no promises :).

It’s specified at the front page, isn’t that enough?


The thing is some guides or sections are not updated, for example in rails 3.0.9 guides, the validation helpers section in Active Record validations and callbacks is not updated. When a section is not updated to the Rails version specified in home page it is open to misinterpretation


It seems the guides are updated today :))

The problem for newbies is when a section is not updated, just in this case it would be great to show an alert or something to warning that this section is outdated

I had a quick glance yesterday and problem to put the version before 3.1 is that the title of a guide comes from its .textile file.

But, regarding the concern you express above, outdated guides should simply not exist in an ideal world. If it happens, it is an overlook by someone not updating the docs in a patch that should. Still happens, but I hope it happens less and less as time passes.

So, the Rails version as we have in the home page could be informative, but I would not put a moving version with that purpose, really, it would be even more difficult to control (are ALL updates done here?), and it would implicitly say the scenario where outdated content happens is expected. No, that scenario is forbidden in all the parallel universes and the ten thousand things.