Lack of Information Regarding Ruby / Rails version compatibility

I have a Rails app that I’ve been working on bringing up to date. It started on Ruby 2.0, Rails 3.2. So far, I’ve moved it to Ruby 2.2, Rails 4.2 (not in one step, but in four different steps). Why is it that there is so little information and so poorly organized about what versions of Rails work with which versions of Ruby? Even a document that brings together the information like “added support for Ruby 2.x”, “dropped support for Ruby 2.y”, etc. would be helpful. I know that that would not solve all the issues of upgrading, but it would address one area that ought to be easy to do.

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As you gather experience now would you mind creating such a document and add it to the rails guides?

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The upgrade guides have this information:

I am acquiring some experience and taking notes, so I can create such a document. My biggest concern is that my knowledge is coming from trial and error, so I won’t be surprised if there ends up being inaccurate information. But if we want to consider it a live document to which others can contribute updates and errata, it can hopefully become a helpful guide.