site with drupal vs ruby

Hi guys,

I have gotten quotes with several drupal devs and wanted to compare
this with ruby on rails.

Between the range of $2500-5000 can I have a custom site created in
ruby, similar fashion to those of other video sites (except no public
video uploads) that can work in conjunction with quicktime streaming
server? The site would start with "web pages" imported from
spreadsheet files (500+) with all data and some media references such
as links, QT video links, etc. Media pages would be added using
scripts and meta data on a daily basis, perhaps in conjunction with
podcast server for mac os x. Video galleries, multiple galleries based
on speaker or subject, web pages that represent groupings of speakers,
pages for subjects cross referenced by speaker.

How would this compare with Drupal in terms of expandability,
reliability, speed, backup and other issues for a popular site with an
engaged interactive user base that actively requests improvements?

This is a serious inquiry, please help me explore this solution.


george wrote:

Hi guys,

I have gotten quotes with several drupal devs and wanted to compare
this with ruby on rails.

1.5 years ago, I started working with Drupal (and therefore PHP), it was
a terrible experience. Drupal is kind of a unfinished CMS framework with
which you have to hack using plugins and code taken from the internet at
your own risk.

Rails is a pure framework, so you have total control over your code
logic. If you hire developers it might cost you more though, as it is
younger than other php stuff.

I was also considering Django, Turbogears, etc.

For me, RoR is the winner.

That seems way too cheap, without knowing a real spec. Is the drupal
solution coded with tests inbuilt? Properly coded rails is a lot more
maintainable, but you'd be better researching developers no matter the

Learn rails:

I work in drupal, drupal is very hard to change after a deploy. Develop in Drupal is very tedious, complicated every step in an running application. Rails is very flexible and if the application is well developed, it is
easier to make changes and if they did the test, you can change
something and see that the behavior is expected.

I don’t recomended Drupal for a web.

Agustin Viñao

That's not a lot of money for this kind of project, no matter what framework/cms is used. Especially when you start talking about integration with other systems, etc. That sort of thing can take a lot of time, unless you get lucky and can find a 3rd party solution.

Thank you for your input. Yes I have a little experience with PHP and
I agree with your assessment of Drupal. Ruby was recommended to me by
a trusted colleague.

I will do much more research. Thank you for this sound advice! I read
somewhere that 60% of software projects are late, and $30 are

After reading more posts Rails is something that I will investigate
fully. Thank you for your good help.

Um right lol, so go the rails bdd path - and use iterative
development, costing modularly, and you hopefully won't go wrong. It's
very hard for things to become disasters or very late when you START
with tests and expected outcomes that are small. Get an experienced
team and you should be good.

Learn rails: