question of a newbie

Hello all, My name is Hod and i have an idea of a website that i would like to create. I was checking joomla and Drupal but didnt get much help there, I hope ROR can help me and so i need your advise. Since i want to keep my site as secret as possible, i will not supply much information except for the must.

My idea is to have a site that users can upload documents to this site (free load) Then paying customers will have the permission to watch this documents.

For this i need; * a web interface * database that can manage the uploaded documents, * database that can manage the paying customers * query the above databases * system that manages the transactions (paying customers to my account)

Does ROR can help me here? Maybe it is the wrong place to ask, i dont know. Any answer will be appriciated -Hod

Ruby on Rails could certainly handle the work you described. As could PHP, or any other web scripting language - so Joomla and Drupal could also do it. Your call, really.

A year ago I had a similar question... can Rails do this for me??... and the answer is a resounding yes... a year later I still haven't started the actual project... I have learned how to use Joomla (which doesn't really fit my requirements), and i'm getting more comfortable with Rails by the day, and i'm nearly ready to start now (just a few more sample apps should do it)... but it's taken a lot of work and sacrifice... I wouldn't suggest tackling it unless you're comfortable with technical concepts (I have a degree in Electronic Engineering, and had a little experience with object oriented coding - which REALLY helps)...

What made me choose Rails??.. well, ultimately it was the experience it would give me, it was far more of a challenge than PHP would be to learn, but it would make me more employable than learning PHP would, and ultimately would make me a better programmer - which will come in handy if my brilliant idea doesn't make me squillions of dollars :wink:

Beware, learning it from scratch is not for the faint of heart - but if you have the bottle for it, give it a go, and best of luck to you